The city of São Paulo is considered the seventh most populous city on Earth – it is only surpassed by Shanghai (China), Lagos (Nigeria), Karachi (Pakistan), Istanbul (Turkey), Mumbai (India) and Moscow (Russia).

With a population of 11.89 million inhabitants, the city itself represents 6% of the entire Brazilian population. The metro
politan region of São Paulo has approximately 19 million inhabitants and is considered the largest business center in Latin America.

São Paulo is also the largest Japanese city outside Japan, the largest Lebanese city outside Lebanon, the largest Portuguese outside Portugal and the largest Italian outside Italy.



São Paulo is the most influent Brazilian city in the world scenario and it is responsible for 11.5% of the Brazilian GDP.



São Paulo hosts 38 out of the 100 largest private national companies and 63% of all international groups operating in Brazil. The city also hosts 17 of the 20 largest banks in the country.



The city of São Paulo is one of the culinary capitals of the world and counts on 12.5 thousand restaurants representing 52 different sorts of cuisine. From all the restaurants in the city, almost the half of them are pizzerias (approximately 6 thousand). After pizza, sushi is the most consumed dish in the restaurants of the city.

There are over 15 thousand pubs and bars in the city, which surpasses the total amount of pubs found in Paris and in London.



There are approximately 60 trading streets, which cover not only electronics, but also household products. Oscar Freire is much known for its luxury products and was considered one of the eight most luxurious streets in the world.

There are 50 medium and large size shopping centers in the city. The 40 most traditional ones welcome monthly roughly 90 million people.



The nights in the city are restless: there are several restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and fitness centers that are never closed! The city is open 24 hours a day!

There is no other place in South America with more cultural options than São Paulo: there are more than 140 museums, more than 30 parks, and over 180 options for theaters and concerts.

São Paulo also has the largest hotel offers in South America: there are 42 thousand hotel rooms distributed across 410 hotels.

The parks in the city of São Paulo correspond to a green area of 19 million square meters. Ibirapuera Park is the most traditional one in São Paulo and welcomes more than 900 thousand visitors monthly.


São Paulo provides its visitors with very good experiences, such as museum visits, visits to parks, traditional neighborhoods, bars and pubs. All tourist attractions are easily accessible and perfectly located, which allows visitors to appreciate them and to learn more about the Brazilian and the city history.