This neighborhood concentrates the largest Asian community in the city. The influence of the Asian culture – especially the Japanese – can be seen in the local cuisine and during thematic exhibitions, which occur regularly in this part of São Paulo. Since it is possible to find several Japanese products for sale, Liberdade became a very attractive shopping destination.




Located in the traditional Italian region of Bela Vista, Bixiga became a very important part of the culture and tourism in São Paulo. The traditional Italian restaurants are nowadays considered touristic attractions. The headquarters of the famous samba school “Vai-Vai” is also located in Bixiga.




Vila Madalena is a neighborhood located in the district of Pinheiros (western part of São Paulo). In this neighborhood there are several traditional residents who still own small houses in very large properties, and also several artists and intellectuals. During the 70s, university students used to rent large properties in this part of the city to create student fraternities. In the 80s, new bars and pubs were established in Vila Madalena, as well as art galleries, studios, and luxury boutiques.